Our solution pushes the limits of reality.

We have created a unique platform that allows you to evolve in a remote or virtual space as if you were there, while doing so in the most natural way: walking. Imagine! You are in Dubai in the morning visiting a future real estate complex, in Singapore in the afternoon inspecting and appraising new offices in Oslo and later in the afternoon leading a training session on sustainable buildings.
You are physically there ... and yet you did not move from your office.

You are immersed. In many industries our innovation will soon become a standard.


Our latest news.

Airbus Group Développement
Airbus Group Development alongside Amplisens
Juillet 2014

Through a grant, Airbus Development Group boosts our project.

Google cardboard
Virtual reality, a niche market?
Juin 2014

As we previously announced, virtual reality, once exclusively reserved for large groups, becomes accessible to the greatest number. This mutation disrupts the entire industry.
Today, new players such as Sony or Samsung aim for this growing market. Following the example of Google, which has launched the "Cardboard" project: a cardboard kit that turns a smartphone into HMD for a few euros.
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Futur en Seine, prix
Amplisens rewarded at the "Future en Seine" festival.
Juin 2014

Before more than 160 innovations, we are honored to have won the Jury Prize. On a crowded booth, we presented two of our innovations. Our immersive high resolution helmet demonstrated the quality of the images that will be readily accessible. And more than 1,600 people during those four days, were able to test our moving platform. We had among other CEOs of large groups and ministers who remained amazed by this plunge into an immersive virtual environment.

Conseil Général des Yvelines
A strong partner
Juin 2014

Another important partner alongside Amplisens. The Yvelines General Council, after reviewing the record, has decided to support our project by funding innovative production tools.
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Futur en Seine
Amplisens present at the "Future en Seine" festival
Juin 2014

We are pleased to announce the participation of Amplisens at the 5th edition of the " Futur en Seine 2014" festival, from June the 12th to the 15th. As a reminder, Futur en Seine is THE international festival to discover the latest digital and new technologic innovations. Created by Cap Digital in 2009 and supported among others by the "Ile-de-France" Region, the city of Paris, the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and Orange, this festival is an opportunity to discover more than 160 French and international digital innovations with a hundred companies and exhibitors. On the program: lectures, discussions, demonstrations, project exhibitions, workshops ... We will be at the space "Collaborate", feel free to visit us! More informations

Facebook et Oculus
Facebook launches the starting signal !
Mars 2014

As a reminder, Oculus, the Californian startup created less than a year and a half ago (in 2013) had already raised more than $ 91 million. This purchase for $ 2 billion confirms that the virtual reality market is increasing. Thus, Mark Zuckerberg joins many personalities such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg and Richard Marks of Sony, who speak of virtual reality as one of the technologies of the 21st century.
"One day, we believe this kind of immersive reality will become a part of daily life for billions of people. Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming." Mark Zuckerberg Regarding the market data, the signals are also green. A new study by Kzero estimates the HMDs selling potential at 57 million, between 2014 and 2018. That represents a market of 8.4 billion dollars, with an annual growth of 108%. For a real immersion, our remove platform is the logical and necessary complement of the HMD. Our business outlook is more than promising! Another finding in our favor is the increase of investment in hardware. Google is leading with more than 10 technological companies recently acquired. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve, are also on the lookout for technological innovations in the hardware field of virtual reality. The path is drawn, it gives our investors a better visibility for a completed valuation. All this excitement illustrates a real revolution and prooves that our technology is fully in line with this movement.

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. "Henry Ford

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Amplisens pushes the limits of reality

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